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Bedat 883 Extravaganza

In anticipation of the holidays, Bedat & Co presents its 883 Extravaganza preview to TimeZone.

Inspired by the aesthetic traditions of Art Deco, this exquisitely crafted timepiece is a marriage of 1930s style and the finest in modern Swiss watch making.

A rosette mother-of-pearl dial resembles the works of Art Deco marquetry. Coupled with white gold rings encircling the dial, the design gives the appearance of a shimmering spiral. The white gold bracelet is adorned with 600 diamonds, with the links interconnected by the structured lines of baguette diamonds. The timepiece’s elegant clasp incorporates the “N° 8” symbol, representing the hourglass of time and also signifying good fortune.

Bedat & Co’s core values are deeply rooted in the finest art of Swiss watch making. In collaboration with the best ateliers of the Jura Valley, the brand maintains the highest standards of master craftsmanship. Its Art Deco inspired timepieces are stamped with the A.O.S.C. label, guaranteeing quality and certifying the Swiss origin of all components.

Technical Specifications
883 Extravaganza
• 18 carat white gold case
• Case set with 265 diamonds (approx.2.90 carats)
• 6 baguette-cut diamonds (approx. 0.45 carat)
• 12 mother-of-pearl-segment rosette dial
• Bedat & Co blued steel and luminescent hands

• 18-carat white gold bracelet set with 606 diamonds (approx 3.10 carats)
• 40 baguette-cut diamonds (approx 4.40)
• Total carat weight approx. 10.85


Written by kevin

July 26, 2010 at 1:47 am

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