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Bremont B-1 Marine Clock


Inspired by John Harrison’s original Ships Chronometer Bremont is building a marine clock as a tribute to this great man. The clock will be made in England and has been designed in house with some unique features not normally found in clocks which include; three time zones, 30 day power reserve, date, 90 day chronograph and the case will be fully waterproof. With such a complicated design and build Bremont will only be able to make 10 to 15 clocks per year.

Peter Roberts, Bremont’s Technical Director; “We set out to design and create a marine clock suitable for use on the finest sea going vessels of the world. This clock would be robust, reliable and with useful extra features for the owners. 


Our first decision was that the clock would be round and capable of being mounted via a security plate to a ship’s bulk head or a custom stand. All aspects of the design and construction of the clock had to be of the very finest quality – to match our watches in both style and finish.

For the movement I have gone back to basics and incorporated some of the best features and designs from clock and watchmakers of the past – re-examined and updated with the technology of today. Therefore, I have incorporated twin fusee systems for the motive force – low friction pivoting systems – a la Harrison. Ball-race and jewels for the going train and I have revisited, using new materials, a classic English escapement.” 


Giles English, Bremont’s co-founder; “As a watch lover I have always been equally fascinated with clocks and have been mesmerised by Harrison’s story and we made a big decision internally to work such a unique and difficult project. Too often over the years I have seen people with extremely expensive watches but with quartz clocks on their walls/bulkheads. Although we have taken a number of design aspects from our watches we will also be giving purchasers the opportunity to customize part of the design to their own specification.” Delivery of the clocks is expected for early January 2011.

Features include: The clock will run for one month per winding.
The dial indicates:
• Time of day (local) hours minutes seconds,
• Date
• Time of day (home)
• Greenwich Mean Time
• State of wind (power reserve)
• Trip or voyage time (days & hours)

All the above functions are useful to the voyager. The clock will be robust, water resistance and a practical instrument – very much in the mould of “Bremont Watches”.

The quality of manufacture, materials and finish in conjunction with the ability for the client to specify certain custom options/finishes will result in individual clocks of exceptional beauty, coveted as much for their artistry as for their technical merit.”

We have had considerable interest in the clock and although the final price has not been confirmed yet, we believe it will be in the region of £38,000 or $58,000 USD said Mr. English.

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November 3, 2010 at 1:50 am

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