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Bedat’s 2010 Collection in Singapore


The lovers and collectors of luxury watches of Singapore discovered the sublime timepieces of the Swiss watchmaker as a special event took place at the St Regis Hotel on October 20th.

The ‘Embassy & Consulate’ conference room was laid out with most of the available 2010 models of Bedat & Cº. while Mr. Dino Modolo, Director of Creations of Bedat & Cº and Mr. Frank Low, CEO of Luxury Concepts welcomed the guest and media who present.

Miss Malaysia Universe 2003, Ms. Elaine Daly, emcee of the event, invited Mr. Frank Low to say a few words. He addressed the points that even though Luxury Concepts owns Bedat & Cº, the Swiss team of Bedat & Cº is allowed to have their independence in terms of creation, design and manufacturing. He also emphasized that all Bedat & Cº pieces meet the stringent Appellation d’Origine Swiss Certifiee (Swiss Certified Label of Origin) and carry a warranty of 5 years. After that, the models walked the runway wearing the 2010 collection, which consist of the Nº2 and Nº8 watches. 



Before the last pieces were shown, Mr. Dino Modolo, Director of Creations Bedat & Cº shared a few words, briefly mentioned his design concept of expressing the brand’s core values through its timepieces – “a combination of graceful elegance with a strong feminine personality, respect for traditional craftsmanship and the love of details and noble materials.”

Presenting the last pieces of the 2010 Collection with Dino was Junita Simon, a veteran Supermodel of Singapore with one of Bedat & Co’s Extravaganza pieces, a haute joaillerie timepiece Ref 883. After the presentation the guests were invited to stay and have a closer look at the timepieces.


Written by kevin

November 1, 2010 at 2:14 am

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