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Dalo Création: 4 Years and a new Website


It has now been four years since he and two friends founded DALO CREATION with the goal of collaborating directly with their clients and devoting themselves to the brands they work with. Working with and for some of the industry’s biggest brands, this anonymous designer explores the works of today, envisions the designs of the future, and breathes new life into pieces from the past. His effort has paid off: Philippe MOSER has not only earned his professional freedom, but his client base has grown steadily over the past four years despite the crisis that has weighed on the entire industry since autumn 2008.


 “…the struggling market has sent many watchmakers searching for new talent in order to offer new products to their clients. Watchmaking requires delving deep into the heart of a brand and finding out what is truly essential to it, in order to create a product that the brand can claim and that the public will associate with it. For staff designers in the daily grind, this constant examination can feel stifling and restrictive, and may even turn into a rut. But because I have the independence to take a step back when I need to, this exploration instead becomes a constant source of inspiration that enriches my work and gives me space to visualize the brand’s future.

As a result, 2009 was a fairly good year for DALO CREATION despite certain projects being put on hold, with the addition of so many new clients to our satisfied and loyal customer base that we had to call upon an additional designer to finish up one or two projects. This experience was so positive and beneficial on both sides that I will be happy to make the same call again this year should the need arise!” While many players in the watchmaking industry had to keep a low profile and simply ride out the storm in 2009, DALO CREATION was able to invest in new production methods and further training. Performance will improve even more when the economy picks up and projects that were paused get underway again. For those who aren’t already familiar with it, Rhino3D is a reference tool for many designers in sectors ranging from industrial to fashion design, including shipbuilding and watchmaking. The modelling solutions it offers are among the best in the world.

“We invested in new high-performance 3D software that allows us to significantly increase the quality of the projects we deliver to clients compared to the tools we were using before. First, the high-resolution files it creates are much more precise, and are compatible with most production tools in the industry. This saves considerable time in the prototype and test phases that follow, which in turn shortens the time from the project’s conception to its completion. Second, this new software produces photo-like models that brands can provide to their clients before beginning production, and can even be used to introduce shareholders and the media to products that haven’t been produced yet. The result is that we can keep pushing forward and increasing the significant market advantage we already have over certain competitors.”

Since DALO CREATION wanted to keep the watchmaking community up to date on these changes, it was necessary to replace the start-up website with a more professional version that better reflects the services offered today. This new site is located at

“Doing is good, but being known for it is better ! For someone as devoted to brand design as I am, it’s impossible to feel a sense of ownership over the products I create for my clients, or to keep my orders anything less than completely confidential. Thus, I can’t take credit for the commercial success of my creations unless a client gives me permission to do so, as was the case with Reuge, for whom I designed a violin-shaped music box that was presented at Baselworld this year in collaboration with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. This kind of recognition is not something that I pursue, but I am always pleased to receive it! Because of confidentiality, it is difficult to get my name out and to present my work. There is word-of-mouth, of course, but not all watchmakers are inclined to pass along tips. Instead I turned to the media, which showed a great deal of support when we launched DALO CREATION, and finally, to the internet.


 When we began in 2006, we didn’t really have the means to invest in a professionally-designed site, so we turned to one of my associates for a rather simple site that would explain what we do. I must confess, though, that it didn’t do justice to the client services we provide. Having an online product display is essential these days, and the original site did a disservice to DALO’s image. It certainly earned its keep and helped us create an online presence, but getting a professionally-designed site up and running remained a priority for me. In 2009, priority became necessity as we hit our stride with our new design tool. It was clearly time to shed our “did-it-ourselves” online image! I am very pleased with our new site, and I hope that our new online product display, which will be updated regularly with new products and news about what we’re up to, will help us continue to improve our already good reputation.”




DALO CREATION is a limited-liability company created in March 2006 by Philippe MOSER and two friends, all passionate about watchmaking. DALO CREATION specializes in watchmaking, supplying its creations to about fifteen brands at all levels, from new lines to luxury watches and jewellery. It offers a wide range of services, including original design, 3-D renderings of existing designs, and analysis and modernisation of current lines. In addition to watches, DALO CREATION offers jewellery, jewellery boxes and displays, writing instruments, and occasionally graphic design.


12, rue du Diorama – Case Postale 286
1211 Genève 12
Tél. +41 22 321 87 77

About Philippe MOSER :

Forty-something, married, and the proud father of two boys, Philippe MOSER has two passions: rugby and watchmaking. The first finds him playing on the Swiss national rugby team, and the second is more than a passion: It’s a calling! After studying design in Geneva, Philippe initially opened an interior-design business with a focus on designing theater sets. But he caught his father’s love for watchmaking and was drawn back to his roots in the Jura Mountains, the heart of Swiss watchmaking, in 1998 when a chance encounter resulted in his first order for a watch. The client was thrilled with the result, and Philippe was hooked. This was all it took for him to set aside the theater (“For the moment,” he thought then – and still thinks now!) and join Dupont Design, where he quickly became Project Development Manager. During his time there, he created more than 200 designs for numerous brands, among them several best-sellers in the top echelons of the Swiss watch market. Desiring to give free rein to his creativity and to better serve his clients, Philippe joined with two friends who shared his passion and struck out on his own in 2006 by founding DALO CREATION. 

Contact direct :

About Rhino3D and V-Ray :

Rhinoceros is a reference design tool sold by the company McNeel. V-ray is a a powerfull renderings tool developed as a plug-in for Rhino, sold bythe company ASGVIS.


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