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MB&F celebrates their 5th anniversary

Dear Friends,

In July this year MB&F celebrated its 5th anniversary! Five years of unbridled creativity. A fantastic human adventure with four amazing Horological Machines to prove what teamwork, passion and craftsmanship can do.


The MB&F adventure began with Horological Machine N°1. This complex and emotional three-dimensional architectural creation symbolizes two worlds coming together (Maximilian Büsser and Friends), with its heart – the central tourbillon escapement – beating at the crossroad of these two worlds.

HM1 features the first movement ever developed based on a human being. The four mainspring barrels – two on each side – are the lungs transmitting energy to the central regulating system, a raised tourbillon. The lungs send oxygen/energy to the heart, which in turn sends information to the hands: hours on the left and minutes on the right. HM1’s “battle axe” automatic winding rotor quickly became an iconic MB&F symbol and can be seen in various forms on subsequent Horological Machines.

For more on the HM1 click HERE


With its flying buttresses, bolted portholes and sliding crown guard, HM2’s case was so complex that it could only be developed using an innovative modular method inspired by the Meccano sets of my childhood.

Each of HM2’s twin portholes provides the viewer with a different perspective of time. Jumping Hours and Concentric Retrograde Minutes for a fast-paced life; Retrograde Date and Bi-Hemisphere Moon Phase offering a slower perspective. And with an incredible 349 components in the movement, there is no doubting HM2’s credentials as a technical tour de force.

HM2’s hand finishing is a showcase of the very best in traditional craftsmanship. Light flashing off the mirror-polished surfaces and immaculate bevelling adds vivacity to the rich combination of colours, shapes and materials and brings the Machine to life.

For more on the HM2 click HERE


HM3’s twin cones indicate hours and minutes respectively with the hour cone capped by a day/night indicator. An over-sized date wheel – the wheel is actually a larger diameter than the movement – allows for large, clearly legible numbers, with the date indicated by a neatly engraved triangle.

The movement of HM3 has been (literally) turned upside down to allow for a easy appreciation of the solid gold winding rotor and the animated oscillations of the balance. Turning HM3 over reveals the technical secret behind the inverted movement: two large, high-tech ceramic bearings efficiently transmit power up to the cones and the date wheel.

Individualists demand choice and at MB&F we celebrate individualism so HM3 offers a choice of “Sidewinder” with its cones perpendicular to the arm, and “Starcruiser” with its cones in-line.

For more on the HM3 click HERE

HM3 Frog

As unbelievable as it sounds, when I first held the HM3 prototype in my hands I thought it a very elegant timepiece. Then and there I had a strong urge to morph it into a “wacky” version and the result is HM3 Frog: pure fun; pure haute horlogerie; and pure Horological Machine.

A frog’s bulging eyes enable it to see in many directions without turning its head. In a similar way, the HM3 Frog’s bulbous domes enable the wearer to easily read the time from many angles without turning their wrist. The Frog differs substantially from HM3 in that the aluminium domes rotate under the sapphire crystals, whereas HM3’s hour and minute hands rotate around stationary cones.

For more on the HM3 Frog click HERE

HM4 Thunderbolt

Five years ago I would not have seriously considered – although I did dream – of creating something as radical as the Thunderbolt; however, over the years both MB&F and our Friends evolved and we found the audacity and the courage to go where no man has been before. Given the Machine’s other-architecture, the near universal acclaim HM4 has generated has been both surprising and indicative of the level of support MB&F’s Creative Lab has generated.

Development of the Thunderbolt’s Engine alone took three long years. Each of the 300+ components was developed specifically for HM4 and its case is one of the most complex ever realised. Paradoxically, the Thunderbolt is our most extreme Machine to date and, with its twin dials perpendicular to the wearer’s wrist, the most legible.

The sapphire case section requires over 150 hours of machining and polishing to transform an opaque solid block of crystal into an exquisitely curved form highlighting the power and beauty of the unique Machine within. The result is more than worth the effort!

For more on the HM4 Thunderbolt click HERE


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