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Cartier at Prague Castle – Power of Style (until Oct 17, 2010)

As previously announced, the “Cartier at Prague Castle – Power of Style” exhibition features over 350 exceptional and historical jewels, timepieces, and luxury objects created by the Maison Cartier will be held in the Riding Hall of The Prague Castle until October 17, 2010.

The exhibition allows visitors to gain insight into Cartierr’s treasures through a fascinating and inspiring journey. The exhibition presents the influences that lead to the creation of the works of art, along with original archives and biographical stories about their prestigious owners.

Main exhibition hall

Some of the treasures featured in the “Timepieces and Archives” room, include:

Large Screen Clock (obverse)
Cartier Paris, 1926 © Cartier

Large Screen Clock (reverse)
Cartier Paris, 1926 © Cartier

Large Portique Mystery Clock
Cartier Paris, 1923 © Cartier

Mystery Clock with single axle
Cartier Paris, 1922 © Cartier

Model A Mystery Clock
Cartier Paris, 1914 © Cartier

Tortue Minute Repeater
Cartier Paris, 1928 © Cartier

Panther-pattern wristwatch
This watch represents Cartier’s first use of the “panther-skin” motif
Cartier Paris, 1914 © Cartier

Tonneau wristwatch
Sold to Countess von Hohenfelsen
Cartier Paris, 1908 © Cartier

Watch on Moiré Sautoir
Cartier Paris, 1906 © Cartier


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August 12, 2010 at 2:45 am

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