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Officina del Tempo “Minimal” and “Power”

Maybe “La Dolce Vita” really is a way of life because it was a pleasure talking watches and sipping espresso with founder Roberto Emili and distributor Yanir Gvirtzman of Officina del Tempo.

Officina del Tempo is an Italian fashion brand. In 2000, the brothers Giorgio and Roberto Emili founded Officina del Tempo in Senigallia, Italy, a coastal town off the Adriatic Sea.

Roberto Emili wearing Minimal Automatic in rose gold PVD (left) and Yanir Gvirtzman wearing Power Chronograph

“The company is about the looks”, according to Gvirtzman. Generally, the looks are big cases, stylish designs and lots of finishing details. New this year are the “Power Chronograph” and “Minimal” collections, which are both markedly understated relative to the company’s previous efforts.

Minimal Automatic, Ref. OT1033-4300NGM

Minimal Automatic, Ref. OT1033-4100N

When asked about the movement sources, Gvirtzman responds, “We’re a passionate company, but we don’t take ourserelves too seriously about ‘in-house’ claims. We buy outsourced movements and we hand assemble our watches in Italy.”

About 95% of production houses Miyota movements and 5% Ronda movements. To maintain quality control, all Officina del Tempo watches are designed and assembled in Italy and bear the “Made in Italy” mark. “Assembly in Italy helps us maintain a high level of quality”, says Gvirtzman.

With their best selling “Power” watch priced from $675 (gel strap) to $695 (Italian leather), the outsourced movements help the company maintain affordable prices. “We’re priced just below the ‘spouse threshold’,” says Gvirtzman smiling. “When you don’t need to call your spouse to get permission to buy an Officina del Tempo.”

The company is currently designing a massive launch of 10 ladies models for release later this year. The ladies collection not only promises to be a wide, but deep offering of style, color and accessory choices.

During our appointment, I received a couple press discs and keychains. I’d be more than happy to ship them to the first two to respond with a photo of their Officina del Tempo watches.

Written by kevin

July 3, 2010 at 2:59 pm

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