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  The name “Jacob” is a leading watch brand in the world of watches especially in the American continent. This is obviously because of the fact that the Jacob brand has its root in America. It was the great American watch designer namely Jacob Arabo who invented the brand and also established the Jacob & Co Company which are known today for the production of quality and expensive Jacob watch models. This expensive nature of the Jacob brand prompted the introduction of the Jacob replica watch brand.

  Typical model of the Jacob replica watch brand

  Jacob Replica watch brand has so many wonderful models that are very unique in the world of watches. Among such models are the collections that have the 5 time zone feature.

  Basic functionalities

  The Jacob Replica watch, the 5 time zones model is known for its unique features just like the original version. The major feature about the model is the powerful 5 time zone mechanism that comes with it. This feature allows the user to know what the time is saying in various 5 time zones of the world simultaneously. For instance, with such a model of the Jacob Replica watch, you can know what the time is saying in New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo and Rome all at the same time. This unique feature endears the watch to many space explorers who always work with various international time zones.

  The Five Time Zones Model also have quality chronograph and chronometers that make the watch regulate the time very well and also serve as stopwatch for major sports events.

  In all, the Jacob Replica watch, the 5 time zones model is also water resistant, reliable and durable. It has enviable second hand value.

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June 13, 2010 at 4:56 am

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