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Innovation and Design-The Replica Concord Watch

Having won the prestigious “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve” award, the Concord watch is known for its innovation and design. Concord created the first commercial watch made of coins. They are also known for making the historic presentation pieces for the Potsdam peace conference. For these and other reasons, all replica Concord watches are bestsellers. The rarity of the replica watch makes them just as desirable as the real thing.

First and foremost is the aptly named C-1 Chronograph CC-1 available in a classic all-black design – except for the hands, of course. The CC-2, CC-3 and the CC-4 are available in different color design schemes. All are available to buy at just $ 209 – price cut from $ 249. The CC-4 is offered in a distinctive “gold” finish. The CC-5 comes in a dark blue color scheme and is available at $ 219.
Not to be outdone are the Men’s Bennington replica watches Steel Black 0310664 and the 0310700. Both are available to buy at $ 208 and $ 207 respectively. We don’t understand the pricing theory that led to the one dollar difference between these two watches.
The ladies are not left out with the beautiful and breathtaking La Scala Diamond series replica watches. One to watch (pun intended) is the beautiful blue Mother-of-Pearl 0310130 – available to buy at just $ 249. You should also consider the Mother-of-Pearl Steel Ladies Watch 0309662 – similarly priced at $ 249. Its watchband is just as striking with its sculpted step metal band. There are many other ladies watches available – just as elegant and rarified as the original watches.
Of course, lower cost replicas are available. These are sold as the “Cheap” 62470 line. All are available at $ 65 each and perhaps just as rare as the C-1 Chronograph replicas. You could probably find a much lower price, but we would advise against that option.


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June 13, 2010 at 4:58 am

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